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Review: The Gilded Otter / New Paltz



SUNY is like a giant squid stretching its arms across the towns and cities of New York, touching each of them with the infectious ink of college life. My favorite SUNY to visit is SUNY New Paltz, because it has a beautiful surrounding town that manages to be both artsy and truly local in ways which are, unfortunately, difficult to find around Ramapo.  

Climb some apple trees after the break…

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The Kinchley’s Review

Kinchley’s Pizzeria has more rules than Ramapo’s library. You can’t split orders, you can’t use credit cards, and drinks don’t come with free refills. Yet as many people as cram into the library during finals week can be found in the tightly-packed dining room of Kinchley’s every day. So what’s their secret to success, despite all the rules? Find the answer after the dramatic-pause jump.

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You eat THAT?!– Anthropology and Food

Today as I was walking over to my computer lab job at college, I noticed a small crowd around some picnic tables. On these tables was a strange variety of food, so I had to stop and check it out. As it turns out it was a new club doing their first event–the Anthropolgy Club presenting “You eat THAT?!”, an event which allowed students to bring the interesting things they eat.

Bananas and Honey. Tasty, but not too weird. “Spanish Rice” made “Irish Style” with canned tomato soup and ground beef. Ehh… Kimchi, not so bad. Unless it’s astronaut Kimchi. An after dinner ‘mint’, Indian style, which essentially tasted the way you’d expect Indian Fabio to taste–warm, romantic, perfumy, and a little bit hard to take seriously. Mealworms…I didn’t try the mealworms to be honest. Jalapeño hummus from a girl who “doesn’t like weird food”. I think had she brought in plain mashed potatoes she would’ve been considered similarly weird in her boringness. There was also a student who gleefully explained that she “loved eating raw cookie dough dipped in marshmallow fluff on the couch”. I actually thought the name of the event in my head–“You eat THAT?!” (No offense. I eat apples and cheese, combined, and call it “chapples”. It makes my boyfriend furious when i eat chapples.)

There was something very nice about gathering with people I’ve never met and enjoying their company around food from their homes and their families, especially foods they might be embarrassed about eating in public. I was a little disappointed, as when I looked up the advertising that I’d seen for the event it had a photo of a durian.

What, nobody was brave enough?