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Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza: Cheap and Filling


Like any college student, I occasionally don’t have any money. On this particular occasion I also had a somewhat violent craving for Pork Gyoza, so I had my boyfriend Jim pick some up from Trader Joe’s on his way home. Way too many gyozas later, I was stuffed full, and all for about 1.75 a person. These dumplings are really good, especially for the price. While we had made a feeble attempted at ordering dumplings from our local horrible Chinese restaurant, they were horrible. And expensive, at 6.00 for much less food than we’d gotten from Trader Joes. To go alongside these I whipped up a quick dipping sauce from soy sauce, apple cider vinegar (I had no rice wine vinegar), and a tiny squirt of Hoisin sauce, plus some chives and red pepper flakes for color.

These make a filling, cheap, and delicious dinner, so I give them a 5/5.

Photo and Text by Jess.

Bourbon BBQ, March 29th Trip

Bourbon BBQ…not the drink, the county.

This review originally appeared in The Ramapo News

A Kentucky-style barbecue restaurant, Bourbon BBQ has moved in where famed hot dog joint Clixie’s used to be, and it may be even more worth the trip than a few Texas wieners would’ve been. Admittedly, last time I was there I was around four feet tall, so I have no real remembrance of the food—but I do remember this trip to Bourbon BBQ as if it was yesterday.

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