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Jim’s Famous Refried Beans

My boyfriend Jim is an excellent cook, and one of my favorite recipes of his is his refried beans. Easily made vegetarian or vegan, they totally blow canned beans out of the water, and are really quite simple to make.

Recipe and hot pictures after the cut!

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Ole`? No Way! – Ole` Ole` Review

This review originally appeared in The Ramapo News

Tequila Sal e` Limon, Dona Maria, and Ole` Ole` are the culinary jewels in Suffern’s Mexican food crown, but one of these, Ole` Ole`, is looking pretty tarnished lately. Upon entering Ole` Ole` on an unassuming Tuesday night, we found it packed—there was a fifteen-minute wait. However, after looking around we discovered that their entire secondary room, which has enough chairs for twenty people, was rented out to eight tipsy forty year olds wearing sombreros.

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