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I thought I was into weird liquor…

Weird Food Products

I just read an amusing article in today’s Bergen Record about obscure and hard to find spirits. Jason Wilson of The Washington post talks about the return of a pre-1960’s bar staple through an anecdote of a game he plays with his brother: Liquor Store Archeology. I now have a catchy name for the game I always play, trying to find weird bottles of who-knows-what lurking on the back dusty shelves of liquor stores.

Best find of mine to date? A pumpkin spice flavored cordial.

Link to article: New lavender liqueur is filled with nostalgia

Edit from Jess: the pumpkin spice cordial is disgusting.

Double Edit from James: It is neon orange, what do you expect?

T-T-Triple Edit from Jess: It is also ten dollars. You can see as such in the picture: