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O Nom Nom Nom A

So, what’s on the plate for our new president’s lunch? A host of game birds, hot dogs for the little ones (am I the only one who sees Biden sneaking a dog?) , and a massive sigh of relief for all that are involved, including of course the caterers:

So cliche it hurts: Rutt’s Hut



Weird Food Products


I know. You’ve all heard of it. Most’ve you have been there. Until the other night when my boyfriend and I attended a preseason Jets game, I’d never visited. And despite my negative opinions of it, which mostly formed after actually eating the hot dogs, it is just as true a piece of New Jersey history and present as anything else we have. 

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Don’t Know your Kobayashi from your Kobe

It’s time for summer, beaches, and shoving processed meat tubes down your throat. There is a fun article on the famous Coney Island hot dog eating competition on ABC online. It sets up Kobayashi, the 128 pounds Japanese dude, against the 210 pound American that broke his long winning streak last year. It also has the drama of moving the contest from 12 minutes to 10, after finding the original contest pamphlet from the early 1900s put the time limit at 10.

I love competitive eating and how freakin’ intense these guys are about it. One of the best phrases in the article is ” The diminutive 30-year-old Kobayashi – a legend on the surprisingly serious competitive eating circuit-….” That pretty much sums it up, especially if you remember some crappy FOX show where they had a hotdog eating contest of Kobayashi VS a Kodiak Bear. I think the same show answered the age old question how many midgets it took to push a 747 around.