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The Kinchley’s Review

Kinchley’s Pizzeria has more rules than Ramapo’s library. You can’t split orders, you can’t use credit cards, and drinks don’t come with free refills. Yet as many people as cram into the library during finals week can be found in the tightly-packed dining room of Kinchley’s every day. So what’s their secret to success, despite all the rules? Find the answer after the dramatic-pause jump.

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Excessive Mastication: Crossing the State Line

This review originally appeared in The Ramapo News

Jess: So we’re going to that place. You’ve all been there, most of you at least. Some of you in the morning with your parents, some of you in the evenings with friends. It’s not the Birch. It’s not the Pavilion. It’s our green-and-chrome platedfriend, the diner of choice at Ramapo. I ordered a diet cola from our friendly waiter, and with a wink and a grin we selected our appetizers.

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