About Excessive Mastication

Jessica Dutschmann and James Houde, students from Ramapo College of New Jersey, taste the best food North Jersey has to offer. Then they write about it.

Jessica Dutschmann is an award winning, published writer who has been featured in Ramapo College’s literary magazine, Trillium, Ophelia Street poetry magazine and writes the article “Excessive Mastication” in Ramapo College’s weekly newspaper, The Ramapo News. In her free time she enjoys creating experimental music, creative writing, travel, and cooking.


James Houde is a recent graduate from RCNJ and is currently freelancing in the Northern NJ area. While in college he was the Photography Editor of the school paper and Manager or the campus radio station, WRPR Mahwah. Last year, along with Jessica, he created the concept of “Excessive Mastication” (the food blog, not the medical condition) to share his food adventures with the world. His other hobbies include beer brewing, photography, and perfecting his tempura vegetable recipe.


For more information, please contact jdutschm (at) ramapo.edu or jhoude (at) ramapo.edu.

All photos by James Houde unless specified otherwise.

All art and other illustration by Jessica Dutschmann unless specified otherwise.

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