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Jim’s Famous Refried Beans

My boyfriend Jim is an excellent cook, and one of my favorite recipes of his is his refried beans. Easily made vegetarian or vegan, they totally blow canned beans out of the water, and are really quite simple to make.

Recipe and hot pictures after the cut!

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Why did it have to be sna—I mean M&Ms.

Sure, this movie came out a while ago. Sure, it was to mostly mediocre reviews. But what we have here, folks, is something entirely different–mint crispy m&ms, which one assumes were made by simply taking the crispy batter and covering it with the mint chocolate. While these are a delicious treat that you can most likely find on sale by this point, there were several problems with them:

  1. They had wildly varying shapes. From blobs to actual m&m shapes! AMAZING.
  2. They are much too delicious to be only once in a lifetime. They taste exactly like thin mint Girl Scout cookies. In fact, why don’t Girl Scouts have their own candies? They’d rock and also probably be completely full of trans fat.
  3. They have nothing to do with any movie ever, unless there is a movie about growing mint plants out of a garden made entirely out of chocolate rice krispies. Which there isn’t, not until I get funding. Corporate scum.

Mystery of the Dorito Revealed in Quest

We all go on quests now and then. Frodo went on a quest to get rid of the rings. Sonic the Hedgehog went on a quest to get the rings. Spinal Tap went on a quest to be the best band possible. But maybe Doritos shouldn’t go on a quest.

The Quest mystery Doritos truly had us baffled at first–one guess was margarita, another key lime pie. As it turns out, these salty-limey-sweet Doritos were…Mountain Dew. While they tasted okay, they also tasted like something a pregnant woman would absolutely love to nosh on inbetween her smoked salmon and beetroot sandwiches. Or maybe something a pirate would take with him to the high seas to battle scurvy.

Bottom Line: The cheeseburger ones were better. 


Don’t Know your Kobayashi from your Kobe

It’s time for summer, beaches, and shoving processed meat tubes down your throat. There is a fun article on the famous Coney Island hot dog eating competition on ABC online. It sets up Kobayashi, the 128 pounds Japanese dude, against the 210 pound American that broke his long winning streak last year. It also has the drama of moving the contest from 12 minutes to 10, after finding the original contest pamphlet from the early 1900s put the time limit at 10.

I love competitive eating and how freakin’ intense these guys are about it. One of the best phrases in the article is ” The diminutive 30-year-old Kobayashi – a legend on the surprisingly serious competitive eating circuit-….” That pretty much sums it up, especially if you remember some crappy FOX show where they had a hotdog eating contest of Kobayashi VS a Kodiak Bear. I think the same show answered the age old question how many midgets it took to push a 747 around.