On Omelets and Life

Today was a rough start for me. I woke up feeling rather stupid after having drank way more than I should’ve, and had a horrible headache. Even after chugging a Propel fitness water, I felt like poo. “Store…”, I squeaked to my boyfriend, “We have to go to the store. I need Aleve…”

First I needed food, so I went ahead over to Burger King and picked up my favorite breakfast sandwich, the Ham Omelet. Better known as the Hamlet.

Pictured: Hamlet

This is an actual tasty sandwich, as it contains ham, egg, cheese, and honey butter for a dollar. The honey butter brings a sweetness to the ham without being overly sugary, and the full effect is very fulling. It’s got 300 calories and 13 grams of protein, which is a pretty ideal breakfast even with the 13 grams of fat. And I didn’t need the Aleve, so it probably saved me around six dollars all together. Thank you, Burger King, for saving my life today.


This Sandwich is Tooooo Big

Doesn’t it scare you a little bit?

Clocking in at 700 calories, and this is FOR BREAKFAST, it’s a bit threatening. Sure, I rounded out my 300 calorie hamlet with a banana, but it couldn’t have come to much past 375, and I’m alright with that number for breakfast. Breakfast should be a big meal, but it shouldn’t consume half of a woman’s and a third of a man’s calories for the day. This picture is from Wikipedia, as I did not have the courage to actually purchase one of these violently large sandwiches on my own, but still. The layers of cheese remind me more than a little of sedimentary rock, except gooier. The omelet itself is about 10 times the size of my little sandwich.

So here is the challenge: Have any of you eaten this? Is it along the lines of the Fat—- Sandwiches James reported on from Rutgers? Is it a Godsend or a mortal sin to consume?

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