Monthly Archives: June 2008

Happy Birthday means Explosions

Happy birthday to Jim, Jess’ boyfriend. Fancy be damned: nothing says birthday like a Cosmic Brownie with a sparkler in it. And yes, he ate it while the sparkler was lit.

On Omelets and Life

Today was a rough start for me. I woke up feeling rather stupid after having drank way more than I should’ve, and had a horrible headache. Even after chugging a Propel fitness water, I felt like poo. “Store…”, I squeaked to my boyfriend, “We have to go to the store. I need Aleve…”

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While digging around, I found this great article on the top 5 guilt-free beer companies. Apparently two of my top favorites, Long Trail and Sierra Nevada, made the list. However, I’m wondering if Sierra Nevada is truly “guilt-free” for me, as it has to travel all the way from California to reach me in New Jersey. For me, then, Long Trail is the most eco guilt-free, except for those times in which my friends make beer, which would be by far the freshest and least travel miles possible.

Food Safety For Dummies: When in doubt, throw it out

Those on the east coast got to experience the heat wave last week. To cope, I hid at my girlfriend’s apartment with central air. At home, my mom got treated to a 2 day power outage (the kind that cascaded across Jersey for various reasons). Trying to save the fridge food, she kept it stocked with some bags of ice.

It gets nasty after the break.

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What to Drink in Munich

Munich is a funny city in that you can drink pretty much wherever you want; there are stalls at train stations, in subways, on the street, in the museum, and in the parks. Actually, drinking with friends is done especially well in the parks at beer gardens. Now that I’ve left Germany, the thing I will most likely miss most is sitting under the wide fronds of a fragrant chestnut tree eating and drinking with friends in a manner which is more socially acceptable than here in America.

But what do you drink when you’re there?

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