Munich Part 1


As I sit I am listening to a children’s television program, 3d like Jimmy Neutron or Reboot. What”s different, I suppose, is that it’s in German. We have only two stations, CNN and BBC that are in English. Ah, but eating! That’s what’s interesting.

We went to the kitschy, famous Hofbrauhaus last night. Large and in charge as women and men carried upwards of 6 giant liter beers on their arms. While the wait was a little rough, and the service a bit dodgy, fun was had by all, and the beer was amazing. I had a weissbeer, which is a beer James will go on more about, but the gist of it is that it’s sparkly, fragrant, and quite lovely. It does not, however, come in the hilariously huge Liter mugs which the original and dark beers come in. The dark beer was roasted, jovial and heavy tasting brew which was a bit harder to drink a liter (or MaB) of than the original, which was similar to most original Munich beers. One thing I notice which I almost prefer about the United States’ bar culture is that there were literally three beers, whereas at most breweries close to my location I can get five or more varieties. However, in Munich, tradition rules.

For dinner, rather than the meat and potatoes I had the O’Batzer. This is a cheese spread which is made from upwards of three kinds of cheeses, butter, spices, and sliced red onion served with vegetables and brown bread. Jess—not getting meat? Well, this was a Bavarian specialty, and what do I like more than getting to know the food of the place? It was creamy and delicious and despite the anise seeds, which I dislike, was a great dinner–I’ve been noticing that due, I suspect, to Jet Lag, I am not as hungry as I would be normally.

For dinner I had the classic American donut filling, Bavarian cream, except served with mixed berries. This was a great end to the meal as it was simple and clean tasting. 


Off to English Gardens!

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