The best sandwich in America?

As mentioned earlier, I’m a recent college grad. This lends itself to going to grad parties. Grad parties lend themselves to a few late night drinks. And a few late night drinks leads to sleeping on the floor and waking up sore, confused, and with a stomach that hates you.

Like most the best things in the USA, the solution comes in automobile form (more or less). The solution after the jump.

The solution to this, at least if you’re in the area of Rutgers University in Jersey, is the grease trucks. For those of you not in the know on this fabulous tradition, there is a parking lot by Rutger’s Greek row that is full of roach coach food trucks. Here the main attraction are the sandwiches piled high with fryer grease cooked stuff like chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and anything that happens to wander along the way. One of the creations, the Fat Darrell, was named as the best sandwich in America by Maxim Magazine awhile back. Any of the “fat” sandwich creations they serve at the trucks are amazing in so many ways- warm, gooey, greasy, crunchy, fresh, all bound up on a fresh baked hoagie roll. These sandwiches are huge, unhealthy, and satisfying on a primal level. My friend Chris, whose grad party I was at, calls them “the sandwich of the gods.” I agree in full force.

A partial menu, complete with vulgarity and lists of the lovingly fried ingredients. Click to enlarge.

Chris lives a 10 minute drive from the trucks, and as such it’s a de-facto rule that after one of his house parties we limp over to the trucks for the ultimate hangover cure. The protein and grease bombs the size of a small newborn come in a dozen different forms, but my fave isn’t the much touted Fat Darrell. On Chris’ recommend I went with the Fat Phillippino: twelve inches of gyro meat, cheese steak, crispy steak fries, chicken fingers, just-runny-enough mozzarella sticks, lettuce/tomatoe, dressed with Greek white sauce and red sauce. If there is hungover heaven, this was it. Just don’t ask the calorie content, or expect to be hungry for the rest of the day.

As normal street food: 7/10
As drunk munchies: 8/10
As hangover cure: 9/10

Pictures and text by James

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