Set Sail to New Ports of Call: College is Over!

Today I wrapped up my last assignment of my Senior year in college, a photo essay about NJ Senate Republican candidate Murray Sabrin. The essay will be posted shortly on my portfolio site, As always, fell free to contact me about jobs, freelancing, or if you’re passing out free food or money. All aspiring journalists need those things. Just as statistically, most journalists need a drink. Classy review after the jump.

Look at the thick clingy legs on that one

How do I celebrate this moment? With a fine glass of Port Wine, of course!(I’m saving the victory cigar for actual graduation.) Having mostly English and French-Canadian heritage means by birthright I have to love Gin, Ale, and wine, and I always feel like a distinguished old gentleman drinking my port; even more so when I have to explain what port wine even is to the uncultured college swine. My touch-down dance beverage of choice lately has been Winston’s Harlequin Port, a local vintage from Warwick Valley Winery in NY State. They’re pretty small with local distribution only- I know of only one store that carries the port- but you can visit the farm directly. That’s right, all of their products come from fruit grown on their own farm! I’ve also had their hard apple cider, which is a really good, dry, traditional cider if pricey.

The last of the precious port. I drink it, I drink it all up.

The actual port is a deep reddish brown, and has a strong fresh fruit bite in the smell and finish. It’s has a fairly large sweet note, brought back to a dry finish by tart grape and black raspberry hues. It tastes far more mature than the $15 a 750ml price tag puts forth, and is by far the best port wine in the price range I’ve tried. I would recommend this for anyone looking to try ports, and would work as a good dessert pair with a cheesecake or as a stand alone tipple.

Bottom Line: 8/10 Port wine for flavor, class, and affordability in one package. Plus I have a soft spot for the only outfit in the tristate area to distill their own brandy, and from their own farm fruit to boot.

Photos and text by James

Quick and dirty note from Jess: This has an adorable dog on it. That means it gets a 9/10 for adorable dogs.


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