Warming up to IPAs


The First of a Several Part Discussion of Beer


Jess: yo this ipa is so much better now
Jess: when you think about it, ipas were never served cold!
James: indeed, that was the whole point of ipas
James: i also like my non-guiness stouts warmed up a bit
Jess: you know this could be a blog hahaha

Stay warm after the break….


        After considering how much tastier my Sierra Nevada IPA (India Pale Ale) was once it warmed up, I decided-for science, of course, that I had to find out why. According to Beer Advocate, the reason that IPAs (as well as ESBs, Lambics, etc) taste better slightly warmer at “cellar temperature” or 50-55 degrees farenheit is because of their higher alcohol content. IPAs had to travel a great distance from Britain to India, and so they needed both extra alcohol and extra hops to disguise any…problems that might have arose in transit.

            Despite what Guinness fans will often tell you, beers like stouts, barley wines, and Belgian tripels are best enjoyed at around room temperature due to their REALLY high alcohol content. In agreement with what your dad might tell you (YOUR dad, not mine. Leave my dad out of this), a cold (not frosty, puts condensation in the beer) mug is better for the lagers he enjoys, which mostly consist of Coors Light.

            This has solved the mystery of the delightful warm IPA, and taught us all a great lesson: not everything has to be cold as ice.

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