The Green Beer with A Goat

Go Goat Beer Go

James: On a beer run this weekend, all other purchase possibilities melted away when I saw this. It’s Genesee Bock Beer: Special Edition, from the same brewers that make Genesee Cream Ale. It was probably the most interestingly flavored canned beer I ever had, with a good amount of maltiness without too much sweetness. It’s also the darkest cheap canned beer I’ve ever had. How long will it be around? Why is it a special edition? Who knows, the website on it doesn’t exist and and there is no mention of the Bock on the main Genesee site.

Jess: Having also tried another “high end” canned beer, Dale’s Pale Ale, I actually would say this one’s a bit more drinkable than the Dale’s. It’s also hilariously kitschy which I really dig. Definately worth the price, if only for the adorible goat. Though it is a little bit too cute, as though they’re marketing it to kids…

Final Word:

A recommendation for someone wanting to give Pabst a rest for a week and try something new. $8.00 a grin inducing 12-pack, rating a 6/10


One response to “The Green Beer with A Goat

  1. This has actually been an annual spring tradition from Genesee for some time. I wish it were available year round. I agree. It’s one of the best tasting “cheap” beers you can get.

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