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The Green Beer with A Goat

Go Goat Beer Go

James: On a beer run this weekend, all other purchase possibilities melted away when I saw this. It’s Genesee Bock Beer: Special Edition, from the same brewers that make Genesee Cream Ale. It was probably the most interestingly flavored canned beer I ever had, with a good amount of maltiness without too much sweetness. It’s also the darkest cheap canned beer I’ve ever had. How long will it be around? Why is it a special edition? Who knows, the website on it doesn’t exist and and there is no mention of the Bock on the main Genesee site.

Jess: Having also tried another “high end” canned beer, Dale’s Pale Ale, I actually would say this one’s a bit more drinkable than the Dale’s. It’s also hilariously kitschy which I really dig. Definately worth the price, if only for the adorible goat. Though it is a little bit too cute, as though they’re marketing it to kids…

Final Word:

A recommendation for someone wanting to give Pabst a rest for a week and try something new. $8.00 a grin inducing 12-pack, rating a 6/10

Pickle Post!

pickle pix

Jess: So today I got the strangest instant message–it was brief and mildly threatening. It concerned pickles. James had some, and needed to see me as soon as possible.

James: I was IMing with the best kind of problem: a pickle problem. A pickle problem from Paul, in fact. There was a craft fair held in Ramapo’s gym today, and I had chatted with Paul Shire from Paul’s Sour Pickles. On the way out, he offered me a tub of New Pickles to take home because he couldn’t sell them the next day. New Pickles are less than 24 hours old, and would become regular pickles by tomorrow.

Jess: James, I’m just not sure about New Pickles. They’re just a little too…fresh. Too young. Need some hard labor to salt them up a little more. They’re crispy and green and cucumbery, but something doesn’t feel right.

James: I actually liked them for all those reasons. Maybe I was biased by this being the first time this year I went outside without a coat, but these pickles said Spring. It was as if they had just been plucked from the pickle bush, and retained the great cucumber taste with just a hint of vingar and spices on the skin. Good stuff.–As an aside, Paul was telling me about how good pickles are for athletes. Apparently studies show that they are good for replenishing water and salt after workouts, and some pro athletes soak their hands in pickle brine to toughen the skin.

paul the pickle proprietor
Paul, Working With His Pickles


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And with a bit of attitude, to boot.

Excessive Mastication: Crossing the State Line

This review originally appeared in The Ramapo News

Jess: So we’re going to that place. You’ve all been there, most of you at least. Some of you in the morning with your parents, some of you in the evenings with friends. It’s not the Birch. It’s not the Pavilion. It’s our green-and-chrome platedfriend, the diner of choice at Ramapo. I ordered a diet cola from our friendly waiter, and with a wink and a grin we selected our appetizers.

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